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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click – or PPC for short – is one of the most profitable methods available for advertising your business online. It can also be one of the least profitable if done by someone without in-depth knowledge and expertise, leaving you disillusioned and out of pocket very quickly.

Fortunately Sacha Mango has that in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Our team has many years of optimisation experience and can set up a cost-effective PPC strategy that delivers. You won’t have to worry about costs spiralling out of control, as can happen when inexperienced SEO consultants get carried away spending your budget on expensive keywords. Instead you can look forward to a controlled, well run and sustainable campaign that reduces your click costs, increases your conversions and gets you a higher return on your investment.

How does PPC work?

PPC advertising is a method of driving traffic to websites based on search engine users or site visitors clicking on advertisements or links of interest to them. There are two primary methods of doing PPC advertising – flat rate and bid-based.


With flat rate, you pay the website owner a flat fee for every time a visitor clicks on your advertisement on their site. With bid-based, you bid against other businesses for the keywords which are the most popular search words or phrases in your target market. Your final bid will determine how often your ad is shown at the top or side of the search listings, so the higher you bid the more exposure your ad will get. However, the name of the game is not clicks (a clicker is not necessarily a customer). It is conversions. This is the reason it can be very easy to get carried away and bid far too high believing you will get maximum exposure, when in fact the number of people clicking your ad may not result in enough sales to justify high cost of the keywords.


Sacha Mango Media knows just how to tailor a strategy that achieves a balance between keyword price and return on investment so you get the highest number of conversions from your budget.


How expensive is PPC?

There’s no doubt PPC Management can be expensive. The most popular keywords can cost a lot of money because so many users search for them so many businesses want them. However, the key to a really good PPC campaign is understand you target market and precisely target those words that potential customers search for. These are not always expensive. For example, a phrase like ‘low cost car parts’ while very popular with business bidders is unlikely to attract a great deal of conversions from customers because it is too general. Most people would search for a specific part, not for general parts.

Is PPC the best way of advertising?

It is one of the best, but it is best not to rely only on PPC advertising because it can be very expensive over a long period of time. Rather it should form part of your advertising budget because it can do a few things that other types of advertising can’t.

Short-term campaigns
If you have a new brand, service or product, in less than 48 hours PPC can generate a short-term buzz on the internet. Nothing can beat PPC for anything that needs strong targeted focus for short periods of time, and you can adjust your messages mid-campaign to try to get the greatest response possible.

Highly specific keywords or phrases
If you want to try and generate traffic to your website for a very specific, niche keyword or phrase, PPC can provide the means at a lower cost than usual. Niche terms rarely cost a lot of money as there are not many businesses chasing them.

Direct response
If you sell a product or service that can have buyers directed quickly to your site to complete a sale, PPC is often the best way to go about it. Each click takes the person straight through to the sale page where they can make their purchase quickly and easily.


Focus, focus, focus

For maximum value for money, you should have clear focused goals, a set budget to stick within and a group of highly targeted keywords and phrases that don’t cost the earth.


Sacha Mango Media will work with you to optimise each of these three elements and make sure they come together into a focused campaign that generates the highest possible level of conversions for your budget.

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