PPC Advantages and Disadvantages...

A skilfully implemented and managed PPC strategy can increase the number of highly qualified visitors to your website dramatically,

PPC advantages and disadvantages

A skilfully implemented and managed PPC strategy can increase the number of highly qualified visitors to your website dramatically, but with all methods of advertising there are risks and rewards that can spell the difference between making a lot of money or not making any at all.


Hiring the professional PPC team at Sacha Mango will get you off on the right foot and set you up for success, but there are advantages and disadvantages with PPC that you should be aware and which the team will talk to you about in more detail.



Fast to set up

Nothing beats the speed at which a PPC campaign can be set up. From first discussions to the first results can take as little at 72 hours once a professional PPC team is on the case, and the campaign can be tweaked and adjusted as necessary to quickly and easily.


Almost instant results

PPC campaigns are fast to get results, sometimes in as little as a matter of hours, and it is this speed that gives you the flexibility to adjust your response to your customers’ behaviour. Would a change of ad headline get more traffic? You can give it a try and find out fast. What if you wanted to try different promotional offers to see which appeals to customers more? No problem, PPC can deal with it quickly and easily.


Pay for performance

Unlike print advertising, PPC advertising is based on the number times your ad is clicked rather than the number of times it is shown. In addition, you can direct your ads to appear only in certain geographical locations or on sites only with relevant content, so you can be sure that only the most relevant potential customers see your ad. This can reduce your costs dramatically.


Control over your budget

PPC advertising gives you a highly flexible method of reaching customers yet allows you to tightly control your costs. You can set limits for the amount of money you want to spend every day and split that as you wish across different ads, giving you peace of mind that your costs are not escalating out of control. And unlike print media, any poorly performing ads can be revised until they do perform well or culled quickly if they don’t.


A realistic option for all size businesses

Sometimes print advertising can be beyond the budget of a small business. In fact, many advertising agencies believe anything less than a budget of £10,000 a year will produce mediocre results in the paper press. PPC advertising on the other hand can start at only a few pounds and the budget can be increased as the campaign is successful.


Real time tracking

A suite of real time tracking tools, developed by some of the largest names in the computer business, has helped PPC advertising reach so many businesses. Do you want to know how effective a keyword or phrase is? How much traffic it generates? How many conversions there are per ad you are testing? PPC tools can tell you, allowing you respond in hours rather than days or weeks.

Targeted relevant traffic

Unlike print media, where you have no idea how many of your target audience have seen your ad, a well constructed and implemented PPC campaign will reach exactly who you need it to with almost laser precision.




Expensive as an everyday marketing technique

Because of the cost, PPC tends to be best suited to short intense promotional campaigns. If used on a daily basis, year in, year out, to help build credibility the cost can mount up and it stops being cost-effective as a brand builder. For this reason, companies tend to use SEO for more long-term brand awareness peppered with short bursts of very targeted PPC projects.


Easy to lose a grip on your budget

It can be very tempting to keep bidding for very popular keywords that you think will make you number one in the marketplace, but there is rarely a keyword or phrase that will do that and you can end up seriously out of pocket with little to show in return.


Too focused on getting clicks

It can be all to easy to become obsessed with how many clicks you are getting as oppose to the quality of those potential customers and whether they are converting into business for you. If you end up not being targeted enough with your keywords people will click onto your website link or ad, realise they are in the wrong place and leave straight away. You think everything is working but in reality you won’t be getting the sales and your costs will eat away at your budget.


Can be hard to find relevant well-priced keywords

The most popular keywords will have businesses fighting over them, and sometimes it’s not that easy to find the most appropriate relevant ones for your business. The risk is you plump for a few that you think may do the job but you don’t make back your return on investment as they barely perform above average.


PPC advertising can be a vital part of a short-term brand awareness campaign, but it’s not an easy subject to get to grips with. Despite the enormous advantages of it, there are equally some enormous disadvantages.


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