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A good SEO consultant is many things to many companies.

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A good SEO Consultant is many things to many companies. Very rarely will you hire one to do a job and then they walk away (and if they do, have they taken you money and made a hasty exit for a reason?). The best consultants will want to use their considerable skill to help you increase your position in the search engine rankings, maintain it and even help you plan your business direction.


The SEO ‘Doctor’

Perhaps you had a good website that was doing well but suddenly your rankings have crashed or maybe internet sales have suddenly nose-dived. There seems no explanation for why you’ve dropped off the radar suddenly. Your once good investment in web design and development is not making you any returns and it has to change.


Like a doctor, an SEO consultant will assess all the possible factors that could have had the impact and compare them against what a normal healthy SEO website should be doing. For example, they may:

  • Decide to wait a few days – some sudden SEO ranking crashes resolve themselves
  • Examine your backlinks – have the pages with your backlinks on disappeared?
  • Has one of the sites you link to been penalised for Black Hat SEO?
  • Check who is now high ranking – does a new competitor have better SEO?
  • Has there been a technical error with a hosting company?
  • Have you made major changes to your website recently?
  • Are your keywords no longer popular with searchers?
  • When was the last time your added fresh content

They will diagnose the problems and recommend a course of action to get your website firing on all cylinders.


The SEO ‘health’ advisor

A ounce of prevention is better than cure, and a good SEO Consultant will want to maintain all the hard won results of your initial website SEO efforts by implementing am SEO maintenance ‘housekeeping’ programme.


These regular housekeeping tasks could take the form of:

  • General error checking and fixing, particularly 404 error pages which stop search engines looking through your site properly.
  • Link checking to ensure they all still link properly to functional sites
  • Spot checks for missing pieces of code in your website’s coding language
  • Problem with the performance of the server your site is hosted on

Regular maintenance ensures that you don’t spend a lot of money getting results only to see them dwindle away month after month. It also means you catch the problems before they blow up into something catastrophic.


The SEO business planner

Sooner or later you may think about expanding your business and this is where a good SEO consultant can prove invaluable. They can take a holistic look at your business and tell you where SEO can prove the most value.


You may want to spend a small amount of money testing a new market. Your consultant can put together a strategy for you assess the current opportunities online.


You may want to try and make contacts abroad and open up new trading routes. Your SEO consultant can help position your business and its products and services so it is targeted and visible online to others in the countries of your choice.


Whatever business planning needs to be done, your SEO consultant has the skills and knowledge to help you plan, test and implement new ideas that make you business grow.


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