SEO Advantages and Disadvantages...

SEO has been compared to the workhorse of online marketing. Done in the right way, it can shoulder the burden of bringing an impressive amount of traffic to your website.

SEO Advantages And Disadvantages

SEO marketing and campaigns are the under-utilised cousin if PPC advertising. It’s not uncommon to find some businesses focusing almost exclusively on PPC campaign after PPC campaign in an attempt to build brand awareness and boost sales, yet SEO could be helping them achieve their goals steadily and for far less money.


SEO has been compared to the workhorse of online marketing. Done in the right way, it can shoulder the burden of bringing an impressive amount of traffic to your website.




Increase in search engine listed pages

You may not have a website at all. Or maybe your website has lain static for a long period of time without updates the search engines haven’t visited to check for fresh content. Either way, the number of pages you have listed on the search engines is low or non-existent. A few subtle targeted SEO changes could mean your web pages begins to be recognised and listed on search rankings with more frequency, helping you generate more quality traffic to your website.


Higher search engine rankings

Done correctly, SEO can boost your website up the search engine rankings. For example, search engines love fresh, relevant page content and the more often you add new articles or news items the more often they will visit. Along with other proven SEO techniques, such as back linking, a sustained SEO campaign over time can take you right to the first few entries on the search listings.


Increase in the volume of leads and conversions

A well-implemented SEO campaign that gives you higher search engine rankings will mean you will see an increase in the number of people visiting your site. If done correctly, this should also go hand in hand with an increase in your sales.


Increase in the quality of leads and conversions

A well as more leads and conversions, you should also begin to see the quality of them improving. High quality in this respect means less people browsing and more people willing to buy your product or service quicker.


Higher long-term return on investment

Pound for pound, SEO gives a higher rate of return over a sustained period of time than any other online marketing technique. While PPC advertising can be very lucrative, it is also very expensive and the temptation to spend large sums of money quickly is always a possibility. SEO is slow builder and has a budget spread out over many months, if not years, so it is relatively simple to keep a careful considered eye on your returns.




Search engine dependent

It is not possible to control what the search engines do and often due to reasons beyond your control your ranking with slip from being on the first page to many pages down. Often this is due to the search engine slightly changing the way it does things without announcing that they have, which suddenly results in a less optimised site that needs immediate updating.

No rules to play by

Not having any rules to go by can be frustrating when you just can’t get the success you want due search engines not playing by the rules. You cannot force them to turn the clock back and erase the changes they made that your site disappear from the top of the rankings and legally there is no come back on them if all of the time and money you have spent comes to nothing due to their changes.

Hard to keep your position

Search engine rankings are in a continual state of flux and keeping a good position at the top can be difficult. It requires constant effort and vigilance to keep up to date with the changes in both the search engines and your customers’ behaviour.

A lot of patience is needed

SEO is a slow steady process. Building genuine and credible back links can take many months and your content needs to be kept undated to move ahead in the ratings. Let it slip for a few months and you are almost back to square one. It takes patience to get your website firing on all SEO cylinders.

Black Hat SEO

Choose the wrong SEO company or decide to have a go yourself you could find yourself on the wrong side of the search engines. There are a number of SEO practices that could land you in very hot water due to being considered unethical. While some people do get away with it, more often than not these practices are spotted by the search engine and your website could be black listed for months until deemed clean. What does this actually mean? Your website will be de-listed so no-one can see it and you could lose hundreds, even thousands of sales.

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